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09 mars 2008

Tuning glory

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09 décembre 2007

Justice playing Genesis last Friday

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01 décembre 2007

Justice and CSS

Both bands will play in the Carling Academy on the 7th of December and I have the tickets.   Let's just enjoy listening good French music, and to be honest one of my favourite band now.   Definitely cool.
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28 novembre 2007

That's done.

Before a live, there is always what we called the guests. Everybody knows that sometimes it can be really annoying. Last Sunday, we waited during almost two hours listening the guests. The first band was just composed of three men, drummer, guitarist and a very strange man playing keyboards. The kind of band you do not know its name and which can only sing during a whole song "Sperms are Germs" (or something similar)... But ok we know that there are just the guests. However, when came a second first part, everybody began to... [Lire la suite]
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25 novembre 2007

The Hives

Tonight, I'm going to The Hives' concert in the Carling Academy in Birmingham (good bands in the list and I hope good place) ! First real live since more than 2 months ! Let's rock !
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