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26 mars 2008

Let's learn beyond

Some cool words (I assume it's cool actually),

About girls:

- You can call a girl (your girlfriend as well) dudette. Means it's a female dude. Easy.
- You may also name girls chicks (famous one), phillies or pets (slang of Newcastle).
- Let's keep talking about girls, to be around the block means to be around girls, isn't that cool ?

About guys and friends:

- Calling friends "mate" will never be bad I guess. Classic.

- Using word mate would change whether you're living in the North or in the South although mate is used by everybody (even mateship exists). You may say lad if you're from the North (When I was a lad, be a good lad ...), chap if you're living in the South around London but I'm definitely not sure about its coolness and use unfortunately. Finally bloke might be used among people living in the Midlands (so Bham too) however I suppose it's not really hot to say it. Pity.

- A good one must be geezer or even geez (check out this), and further boss, dude, brer (not sure at all) or bro (brother).

Hello and so on.

- Yes mate could be Alright mate or hello. Moreover on that topic What U sayin' ? may be how is it going ?
- Damn straight would be used when you strongly agree with someone, could be translated into French as "Grave", "Trop", "C'est clair", "Putain ouais!"

Teasing and enjoying:

- A square may be defined as a boring nerd, should be extremely boring because the simple nerd is himself boring (I'm a nerd sometimes). By the way do you like nerds ? A quote comes from that word : "Be there or be square" meaning come to the party or whatever or stay at home as a square. A bit mean maybe.

- A nicer solution could be the terms geek chic or fashionable geek but is it damn used in our world ?

- Something good or cool is ill, sick, straight illin' (I like that one) or henceforth the famous wicked.

I must thank Simon Kinch and Anup Paul for their undirect participation.

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  • Why are you bragging little rabble....?

    Posté par 8 KM mate, 26 mars 2008 à 18:39
  • Lucky boy

    Could you use nice words and try to make sense when you write down something. I give you a trick (cause I'm very nice): don't use unknown words and please make an effort in jotting down messages(in a kitchen or a blog or wherever), check if it sounds English ( for instance Thanks FOR).
    I thought you got the purpose of the blog.

    (it's a joke we don't have to get into arguments with each other).

    Posté par Isaac, 26 mars 2008 à 22:53
  • haha

    You are such a joker geez. I think you need another lesson though!

    Posté par Old Chap, 31 mars 2008 à 02:19
  • hoi

    Hey !!!! hoe gaat het ????? Ik ben met Bob naar de Bibliotheek !!!! Wij gaan een koffieje drinken.

    Doedoedoei !!!!!!

    Nicolas van Drouin van Bouville en Bob !

    Posté par Iwoks, 31 mars 2008 à 16:19

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